AD-7260S-0B Any good?



I was looking for a new burner because my old one is having problems. Most likely the lens is dirty but I have no clue how to fix that and prob would just buy a new burner.

I dont see any topic on that burner but I saw it on newegg


Interesting, that’s a brand new model. Wonder what’s different about it.


Looking at the specs and see nothing new …

By the code I think that is a 26x burner …


The drive specs are the same and the only thing I can find that is different from
either the 7240S or 7241S is in the description.

[B]Windows 7 compatible
Auto Write Strategy -Optimal Write Quality
Buffer under run protection [/B]

that and the

[B]2ndGeneration 24X performance
Max. 24x DVD+/-R write speed using the latest write strategies[/B]

other than that everything else looks the same to me maybe it has a new chip-set or something. :confused:


“Auto Write Strategy -Optimal Write Quality” Sounds like something from a Plextor drive.
Maybe they release new drives instead of new firmware upgrades …


The appearance of AD7260S ZR at Sony Asia is different from the AD-7260S-0B.

There are also new DRU-880S-ZR and DRU-870S-ZR, as well as [B]new[/B] AD-7240S ZR, same appearance as the AD7260S ZR.


I trust the picture at NE more so than Sony Asia. It seems like another NEC-based chipset since from the SATA Int’l Org, there is a 7263S, which typically is a LabelFlash-enabled drive.


MC-10045 still seems to be the latest chipset. So I guess 724* and 726* either don’t differ much or the 726* series has a completely different (e.g. Mediatek) chipset. So maybe with LiteOn iHAS24 you get an Optiarc and with Optiarc AD-726 you get a LiteOn drive :bigsmile:


Well I certainly don’t want a meditek chip in mine unless they improved a lot from the few I tried back in the 8x days.
Ian over at CDRLabs has one coming and he’s probably received it today so somebody that knows drives will have one shortly and the wonder about what’s different will be solved I guess. I’d bet it’s a LiteOn as well but we’ll see.
If it turns out to be a improved NEC version might have to pick one up…
I have to admit my Samsung S203b isn’t too horrid though just to be slightly fair.


Ian over at CDRLabs confirmed the 7260S has a NEC MC-10045 chipset.


Now $22.99 w/free shipping at NewEgg.


Just picked one up. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=KTL;2510678]Just picked one up. :)[/QUOTE]
Does Binflash recognize it and offer generating an identification file?


Sorry, I meant just ordered one, should be in next week and I’ll give it a whirl with Binflash.


The scans look very mediocre.


I have got AD-7263S, LabelFlash, fw 1.0, OEM, China, February, 2010.
Binflash does not dump the firmware.
Attaching screenshot and identify.txt.


Just ordered one here too, maybe the 7240 and 7260 will compliment each other as far as media one or the other likes.
Guess I don’t really need 6 various burners in here but sometime one will really like a disk none of the others do well with:cool:


[QUOTE=NewFish;2510728]Binflash does not dump the firmware.[/QUOTE]
Binflash can only dump firmwares from recognized drives.

I just sent you a PM with a Binflash test version. Maybe you can use it for dumping the current firmware.


What about the tray mechanism? Is it still jacked up like it was on the 7240 series?


[QUOTE=negritude;2511189]What about the tray mechanism? Is it still jacked up like it was on the 7240 series?[/QUOTE]

The 7260 tray mechanism has the same annoying pause on eject as the 7240 series. Also, the front of the 7260 looks identical to the 7240.