Ad-7260 Crossflash

hi friends
i have bought 10X sony ad-7260 for my duplicator acard ars-2050s i want to know what does the crossflash do?
is it suitable dor duplicators ?
i have another duplicator with pionner s219 and samsung sh-s245 they dont fail burning the DVD -DL
but now the optiarcs sometime fail to complete burning progress of dual layer disc

Crossflashing means to forced flash firmware of other, but similar drives (hardware must be identical, though) onto your own drive. I am pretty sure that crossflashing does not solve your compatibility problems with your duplicator or the blank media you are useing.

For duplicator compatibility you might ask both, optiarc and acard.


For some duplicator drives there are firmwares that are able to eject the tray a little further than regular firmwares. But I haven’t heard of special firmwares for the 7260S - I only know of those for 5260S.

But failed DL burns to me rather sounds like media issues instead of firmware problems.