AD-7241S vs iHAS224 vs SH-223L vs DVR-116DBK+

Let me start off by saying, I am REALLY looking forward to an upcoming review of the iHAS324. I am just about to seal the deal on the Sony Optiarc AD-7241S (lightscribe/sata). I decided to go with the AD-7241S over the 7201S (sata/lightscribe) due to its purported better quality scanning and reading in general (can you affirm this claim?). It also is 24x DVD-R writing, from 7201’s 20x writing, but this is insignificant to me because I will be burning at 8x on my TYG02(8x DVD-R) and 12x on my CMC MAG AM3 (HP 16x DVD-R Lightscribe).

Right now I am set on the AD-7241S however if I can be swayed from the review I will purchase the iHAS224 which is identical to the iHAS324 except it has Lightscribe INSTEAD of LabelFlash. I was also looking at the iHAS222, which has Lightscribe as it is readily available via e-commerce. I have been looking at scans and posts for DAYS!!! Everyone has their own opinion :slight_smile:

I used to be (and still kinda am) a LITE-ON fanboy. 52x32x52(or 48x) was the bomb. I felt on top of the game picking that pup up when it was released. :smiley:

I ruled out the SH-223B/F as being inferior to the AD-7241S according to Quality Scans and a few peoples’ reviews.

I also did my own comparison of quality scans extracted from reviews from 5 drives. This is attached. From this data I conclude that the DVR-116DBK is a GREAT drive! Superior to AD-7240S or does the Pioneer 116 have its downfalls? May I extrapolate the DVR-117/118/215/217 are POSSIBLE improvements and therefore better? Inferentially, I will add these to my list below. Oh, and I did a lot of reading on the SH-S223L and concluded that the Sony was superior, however I could be wrong. So please help me out!
If you have an opinion, please let me know!

*Sony Optiarc AD-7241S
*LITE-ON iHAS222 (is there a difference between this and the above, if it is chipsets, is one chipset preferable? The 222 is readily available online.)
*Samsung SH-S223L/Q (Both are LS. One better than the other?
*Pioneer DVR-117/118/215/217 (LS is 100% essential, I can use my current drive, however I do prefer it as I’m hoping to get slightly better quality prints from my new drive)

Thank you kindly, your help is GREATLY appreciated.

Aaron :slight_smile:

Those Pioneers have no LS!!

I know :slight_smile:

I just threw them out there in case there was an overwhelming majority viewing the Pioneers to be better overall drives than the others. I have LS on my current Laptop drive but I’m getting this drive for my Tower!

Appreciate the quick response :bow:

I really think I am going to order the AD-7241S unless someone thinks differently? I almost want someone to recommend the LITE-ON lol, I am a fanboy. But if ya’ll think the Optiarc is better, then so be it :smiley:

Does the Optiarc have good buffer underrun protection? I know LITE-ON’s always do.

EDIT: Ofcourse it does!

I test Optiarc AD-7200 ( close to 7241) and Pioneer 215
215 was so much better for me.

Also 215 and 216 will be close together and u can crossflash firmware of sj15 (or something like that) and ur drive will support Label Flash !!

Thanka bob! I’ll do some more research.

I haven’t used my High-end homegrown computer for nearly a year, I received a laptop from a friend and have just left it off to the side.

Anyways, I opened her up because I’m buying a new PSU and what did I find?

A ND-3540A! I totally forgot I had purchased it! What do you guys think? Do I REALLY need to upgrade from this baby? From what I remember, I bought it due to the wonderful reviews. Still able to write some low PIE/PIF discs? I know it’s IDE not SATA…thoughts?

So, what im wondering now…

is a “like new” ND-3540A worth upgrading to a 7241S? I’m thinking probably not…