AD-7241S "Problem"


I have a little problem with my new Optiarc AD-7241S FW:1.02 drive,when burning any media the drive buffer jumps between 0-96% a few second interval almost always,the write speed is steady (a little slower when buffer jump is ongoing) and the memory buffer too,is this an Optiarc “behavior” because my past LG drives dont do this?
The burned discs are fine after TRT test and quality test (even I know this drive is not reliable as a Lite-On with dvd scan) I checked with another cables (sata&power) there is no alcohol&daemon and another virtual drive softwares on the machine only imgburn and I burn only Verbatim dvd-s(MCC004 DVD+R and MKM003-00 for +DL)+ no chipset sata driver only winxp default driver.

Thank you very much and sorry my english is not perfect :slight_smile:

As long as your burns are OK, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Make sure your motherboard drivers are up to date. Performance may improve as a result.

My 7240S does the same thing on the buffer level up and down from 5% to 99%
every time it does the write speed check thing and drops down then back up the
buffer drops down and back up with it. All of the 7240 series that I have seen do
the same thing, up and down on the buffer so I don’t think it is anything to worry
about as long as you are still getting good burns with it.