AD-7203S non RPC1-firmware with 2X read support

[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-7203S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Is there a non-RPC1 firmware for Optiarc AD-7203S that supports the same 2X DVD read speed as the RPC1 version of the “Original Optiarc AD7203S firmware 1.06”?

This particular firmware supports 2X read speed for DVD movies which makes the drive exceptionally quiet during DVD playback. All other firmwares I have tried (including the firmware shipped with the drive) only supports 5X as the slowest DVD read speed.

I would like to have a RPCII firmware instead of RPC1 because of RPC1 problems in Windows Vista. I know I can work around the problems with DVD region killer but it is not working perfectly and I have two DVD drives anyway so I can set one to R1 and one to R2.


Edit: Just noticed that I managed to write AD-7200S instead of AD-7203S in the title. Is there a way to change the title to AD-7203S?

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I’ve changed the title for you.
I’m not sure if the lowest selectable read speed could be changed in the firmware. But maybe Liggy can give more details.