[AD-7203S] No recognize discs



Hello everyone!

I have 2 year old dvd burner AD-7203S with f/w 1.06.
I was very happy when using that drive. Very accurate cd-audio rips.
Someday I discovered that burner don’t see disc. No matter if I insert cd or dvd, blank, burned
or manufactured.
When I opened case, I saw that spindle motor doesn’t rotate. Only sled motor move
To be sure, I also opened dvr-216d to see if motor rotate. And yes, rotating
I’m also replace motor from nec to pioneer, to check if motor is not damaged.
Motor from nec works in dvr. But motor from dvr not working in nec.
My friend,. who is electronic hobbyist, told me, that motor driver ic may be damaged.
But he can’t help because he doesn’t know which driver ic has been used.
BIOS detects drive, Windows too.
Is it repairable? Or better way is buy new?

The Therapist

Happy Christmas!


Buy a defective one from ebay…