AD-7203S and ICH8R in RAID mode



I have P5B Deluxe motherboard and I’m planning to buy AD-7203S. I would like to use this dwd-rw with ich8r in raid mode because i have raid. Is there any compatibility problems between AD-7203S and ich8r in raid mode? I couldn’t find anywhere on net some compatibility reports for this drive, i have found only for pioneer DVR-215D and samsung SH-S203D which are working without problem both in ahci and raid mode. Please help i want Optiarc! :bow: If this drive is not good for raid mode which other drive i should buy, pioneer DVR-215D or samsung SH-S203D?


Hi and Welcome!

Connecting a DVD burner to a controller in Raid mode is always a kind of gambling, regardless of brand.
The success of such is influenced by Mainboard/Controller Bios, drivers, software, phase of the moon etc… So there is no warranty, a burner will work with your configuration even if there are “works for me” reports for the same drive and chipset.

It would be great if your controller bios (and configuration software) would allow to configure the operation mode of certain Sata ports individually. Not sure, if this is wishful thinking.

In case, anything fails, you can still get a Silicon Image based PCI Sata controller for your drive :smiley:



Bad idea. ODD drives do not work very well in RAID mode, only SATA.


Thank you guys, i think that i’ll gamble!


Just thought I’d throw something in here.

I also have an ICH8R chipset on my mobo, and my Optiarc 5170S works flawlessly in RAID mode - under Vista, though. So it could work.

But I agree with others, it’s always a gamble :slight_smile:

If you’re willing to take that gamble, do post back and let us know how you get on :flower:


I just borrowed AD-7203S 1.06 from friend and it works ok! Burst rate is 45 MB/s, I hope that rate is ok. For a test I have recorded verbatim DVD-R 16x at 20x and it took 4:30. I have also tried booting from it and it boots ok. It works in linux too. All that in RAID mode, and it is connected to sata 1 port. Guys that means that other AD-7203S will work ok?