AD-7201S bitsetting question please



Hi guys. I’m very new to all this stuff and I need your help

I have flashed the firmware for my Optiarc AD-7201S with Liggy’s AD-7201S
Bitsetting firmware 1.06

I did that in order to be able to change a dvd+ into a dvdROM…

I used the binsetting program here and everything seems to have worked good.

I have rebooted my pc

now what do I do to change a DVD ? what’s the next procedure? Do I have to open nero ? or a program? or this will be automatically done in the next burn? is it now a DVD-rom burner be default?
I have never done it before so I don’t’ know where to look and how it’s done…

Thanks in advance for your help.
stef, Montreal.


I still need help guys…please plese…

how can I tell my DVD burner can burn into dvd-rom now? I don’t see any difference with the new firmware…
( I use anydvd and clonedvd2)


Welcome to CDF herbeapuce.
The f/w has auto bitsetting, so you don’t have to do anything.
Except burn.
Proof of change of booktype can only be seen after burning.

Not the exact same model, but the results would be similar:

You can use Nero’s CD/DVDSpeed to check (Disc Info tab) for verification of bitsetting.
Or something like VSO Inspector.


well. I downloaded VSO inspector like you show. My burned dvd (old batman movie) is still shown as a dvd+ , unlike yours.
is my firmware the correct one? c
an someone with a brain check for me please?
I used Liggy’s AD-7201S
Bitsetting firmware 1.06



Check the flash guide.

Also with f/w loaded, click on Booktype button.
Check to see if the settings are correct.
If not use drop down menu to change setting.

Correct f/w highlighted:

Binflash with relevant buttons highlighted:


ho boy ho boy…

OK first off . THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME. YOU ARE A SUPER DUPER PERSON !!! English is not my primary language and I can’t find enough works to thank you in an intelligent and quite matter… I would like to salute the neet and clean and bright effort you made for helping me.

OK I’m done with the thanking ( Hey, I don’t get quality help like this everyday…)

I deleted everything I did and reinstalled everything.

Now the player can’t read my copied movie, or the original as a matter a fact…?

When I put the dvd in the reader ( both the original dvd and my new test copy…) I now get this only and no other options:

I guess I don’t know how to make the movie play…

if I scan the new copied DVD with VSO inspector I get this:

If I open Binflash I get this:

so basically my bittesettingn seems to be good for DVD-Rom
BUT… the movies are not playable…

I’m I missing something again?



You will need something like PowerDVD or winDVD to play movies.


You could try something like this…

It is free!!!


OK fine, Wil try that.

But can you explain why I was able before to read this DVD, and now I Can’t . is it because my DVD program doesn’t reconize the new bitsetting? I believe my program was windows media player.
is this the reason IYO?



Could be lots of reasons.
For WMP try downloading a codecs pack like this.

The above is a full pack.
But you can get specific ones for XP or Vista etc.
All free.


Well funny . it’s working now. I don’t know what was wrong before now it’s now working. it can be viewed by both WMP 9. and

thanks to everyone of you for your great help.



You are welcome.
It was probably a codec thing.
When you installed the VLC player, it sorted this out at the same.
Hence why your WMP is also working now.
Happy days. :cool: