Somebody have this burners ? :cool:


You don’t need to try crossflashing a 7200 (or 7203) to 7201. Lightscribe still won’t work - that’s already been tested. :wink:

I thought he meant 7201 to 7203 to get “both” to work. Pioneer had a 111C (w/LS), but not sure if it were x-flashed to a “111CL” and tested.

I think you have to decide for either LS or LF on these drives. While it technically would be possible to create a firmware for 7201 drives that can do both, I don’t think Optiarc will release one and I highly doubt that any firmware patcher could combine the code from both firmwares.

[QUOTE=Liggy;2076491]You don’t need to try crossflashing a 7200 (or 7203) to 7201. Lightscribe still won’t work - that’s already been tested. ;)[/QUOTE]

i need only bootcode from 7201 :slight_smile:

It’s unfortunate that 7200 -> 7203 still doesn’t work after many drives have been sacrificed

I don’t think that a single drive had to be sacrificed to test crossflashing.

A new protection strategy was introduced in AD-7200S series. If you try to flash the drive with a different bootcode with the existing bootcode flasher, the program will simply fail. Then crayzcat figured out that you have to toggle a bit in the Optiarc drive using the PLSCSI program. After that the bootcode flasher appeared to work fine, but when you tried to flash the AD-7203S firmware to the drive, the drive will report that it’s still an AD-7200S. Period.

The only known remedy is to flash the drive with OFFICIAL AD-7200S firmware. The drive will work again, except that it won’t recognize any disc any more. At least two members in a Russian forum encountered this problem.

My amateurish guess is that in AD-7200S there is a hidden area that stores the ID of the drive. Even though you succeeded in flashing a different bootcode, the drive is still recognized by its original ID. The problem of failure to recognize disc is caused by the mismatch of bootcode (AD-7203S) and firmware (AD-7200S).

I know I’m not supposed to discuss crossflashing in this forum. I mentioned this problem just to concur with the principle that crossflashing is very dangerous and it may not only void your warranty but also void your drive.

I had thought that toggling the bit would have worked too, but it looks like it’s used for something else too then. But if bootcode and main firmware match I would have expected this to work. Didn’t test that with SATA drives myself though.

Unfortunately the only flavour of the AD-7200 series available where I live is the AD-7200S. If you want LabelFlash, you have to try crossflashing. For that very reason I have to crossflash my Philips SPD2514T to a Samsung SH-S203B as the latter is simply unavailable.

So the 7201S also have a NEC-chipset?

[QUOTE=Wischmop;2133436]So the 7201S also have a NEC-chipset?[/QUOTE]


Thnaks, I thought it have MTK because of LS