AD-7200S + imgburn + MCC004

This time I really need help please. I have to burn important data with the ultimate best possible result with my AD-7200S (original Optiarc firmware version 1.06). The media I use is MCC004, the software is imgburn.

I always have great results at least according to what the 7200S is able to report as scan results. No matter what settings I use. The results are so similar that the different qualities of different packages of MCC004s overlaps with the differences resulting from different burn settings. I read so many discussions about burning and scanning with the 7200S here at the forum. But what would you say is a general consensus for achieving the very very best results:

Should I burn with OPC or without OPC? Should I burn with burning speed set to Auto (Max), Max or 16x or another fixed speed.

And what about (unreliable) scanning with the 7200S? (Until I get that brand new LITEON model I will order soon ;).) Is it normal that using DiscSpeed the drive reports two times worst results at 8x scan speed than at 4x scan speed? What I saw here at the forum is that the drive reports about the same resullts at 4x scan and 8x scan. Why does mine differ? Or did you observe the same behavior with your 7200S? What would you say is the technically official scan speed?

Thank you very much for reading. :slight_smile:

I would burn at 8x or 12x, not 4x or 16x.

Why do people make things so complicated? The AD-7200S is a great drive. As long as your MCC 004 is genuine, and is preferably made by CMC or Moser Baer and not Prodisc, just burn the media at 8x or 12x, and you’ll be fine. There’s nothing else to think about. Really.

You can’t use the Optiarc for accurate scanning, but you don’t need to scan. You can do a TRT (Transfer Rate Test) if you’re paranoid, but as I said, frankly, with this combo, you’re just wasting time.