AD-7200S Can\'t connect (Optiarc AD-7200S)

[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-7200S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]:bow:Would be glad if somone help me.

The problem is that my Ad 7200s dont show up in Computer.(I run vista 32)
and i have updated the drives but it wont show up. What should I do???

You should do/check the followed things:

[li]Check the BIOS if the drive is detected, depending on your PC/board manufacturer the connected drive should be displayed during init of your PC.
[li]Check the cables (SATA and power) if they are really compete plugged, you can unplug and plug the cable again to be sure.
[li]Change your SATA cable to be sure the cable is ok, you can also use an other power connector if you still have an unused SATA power connector
[li]Use an other SATA port in case the SATA port is not working correctly
[li]Check your drive in an other PC to be sure the drive is not broken

I had the same problem. I saw the errorcode 39, and by searching on it I found what seemed to be an answer on web site.( is the precise location)
Basically it meant a simple registry amendment:
I don’t like fiddling with the registry but it was simple enough and the drive now works.