AD-7200A Not Loading Any Discs (Spinning then Slowing Down Over and Over)



So up until two days ago my 7200A was working perfectly. Now all of a sudden discs are not loading right. it doesnt matter if its an original disc, blank media, burned disc. I put the disc in and all i hear is it spinning up like its about to load then it slows down and repeats for about 3min then finally stops. It was working perfectly just right before that.

I just bought the drive refurbished less than 2 months ago from Compuvest and was curious what could be making this happen.

I had flashed the drive with the latest firmware from this site right when i got the drive and it was working flawlessly and then out of no where its not loading/reading discs?

I also opened it up and cleaned the lense but it didnt make a different and there was no dust as its basically new or refurbished.

any ideas?


First try to boot from CD and DVD.

Then replace the ide cable (80 conductor cable!).