AD-717x worth buying?


I am considering getting an AD-717x (or Sony rebadge) as additional DVD-RAM drive.
Besides that, I want excellent CD writing capabilities (low jitter included) and the drive has to work in an USB enclosure (GL811 based).

Would an Optiarc 717x be a good choice for this, or should I get something else?


I’m not happy with my AD-7173A.

First one was Dead on Arrival (wouldn’t recognize any media) so I RMA’d it. Tried it both internally and in an external enclosure and it was equally dead in both (the tray worked though).

The second one (replacement) is the one I have now, more about that below.

Third one was Dead on Arrival (wouldn’t recognize any media) and bought from another shop, but that was enough attempts for me so I returned it and got my money back.

The one I decided to keep can only burn Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R media at 18x without creating coasters. All other 16x rated media I’ve tried, even some truly excellent MCC004, are coasters when burned at 18x. Burn quality is not so hot at 16x either.

The drive also makes re-linking spikes for many burns at 8x speed and faster which my BenQ DW1655 choke at. So I can only safely burn at 6x.

Scanning reliability is even worse than my NEC ND-4551A (which is almost trustable at 12x DVD scans now after being quite whacky for a while) with random PIE/PIF spikes at all scanning speeds.

The drive is an OK CD-R writer but not as good as my NEC ND-4551A.

Scanning reliability for CD media is also worse than my NEC 4551 with random C1/C2 spikes at all scanning speeds.

So I’m not a big fan.

I feel bad to write this in the NEC forum (sorry about that [B]Dee[/B], it’s not a provocation, far from it :flower: ), but for what you need, [B]mciahel [/B](RAM + excellent CD burner), the LG H22N would probably be a better choice. The H22N is a poor (in my book) @8X DVDR burner, but a good @12X / @16X DVDR burner, an OK @18X DVDR burner, and a really great CDR burner (very low jitter with most CDRs up to @40X burning!), beating my NEC 4550 in this area, which was my previous favorite CDR burner.

EDIT BTW, congrats for the the mod promotion! :smiley:

Don’t feel bad. With 25,000 + downloads of firmware for 717x drives, at least some people are happy with them :cool:
In any case. I’ve had no luck in getting NEC drives to work properly in external enclosures. So for that reason alone, i would not recommend these drives for use in most external enclosures.

Should have been DVD±R media.


thank you for expressing your opinions about that. :bow:
I did not bother about DVD capabilities, as I have a couple of other drives that do their job very well. But since 2 of 3 of my other criteria are not matched, it seems I have to get something else.:wink: Maybe it will be the LG recommended by Francksoy.


I compared my AD-7173A with LG H22N.
LG H22N works better with bad media or scrambled disks, what is impossible to do with any NEC that I had before (4550A and 4571A, now 7173A).
The only thing where NEC 7173A performs better is disc access time, which is up to 5 seconds faster than with LG H22N.