AD-7173S Problem

The drive wont recognize blank dvd. In my computer it says DVD-Ram drive but when i insert blank dvd it turns to cd drive :-/ also nero wont recognize the dvd so i cant burn dvd with this drive… I spent 2 hours googling for this problem but i didnt found a solution. I have Asus p5b deluxe mainboard.


Check the BIOS, adjust the ide raid setting.

can u be a little more concrete pls? :-/ Im not much into bios settings.

thats a standard windows bug ignore it , its normal , do you have alcohol 120 or daemon tools or recently uninstalled one of em ? , anyway considering the drive is recognized by the operating system, i doubt its bios settings related

yea i have daemon tools installed

disable RMPS emulation in daemon tools , if that wont do it then uninstall it & after that also remove the sptd driver , see “Q: How can I remove SPTD driver on 32-bit OS?” @

In the bios, search for ide raid settings and disable RAID.

none of the above helped :-/ ok last resort… im gonna take it back to dealer :-/

I tryed to read a original dvd movie and it doesnt work. I tryed to burn a cd and that works w/o problem… i have no idea what can be wrong :-/

does it show up in “my computer”? can you browse it? , try removing the upper/lower filters

yes it shows up on my computer and if a cd is inserted it can be browsed. If a dvd is inserted it turns into cd drive and the content isnt showed/cant be browsed.

what about an update? did you or didnt you remove the upper/lower filters?

already got a new piece from the dealer and it works like a charm so far :wink:

At least a happy end. :slight_smile:

Yep… thx everyone for trying to help me.