AD-7173S or LH-20A1S or SH-S183L

hey all,
I’m looking for a DVD burner with LABE FLASH and SATA, what would you recommend from the above?


The AD-7173S is the only one that supports Label Flash out of the three you mentioned. The other two support Lightscribe which is similar but uses different discs.

I’d say you’re better off with a LightScribe drive at this moment in time, as more manufacturers are making the discs (Verbatim, HP etc), as opposed to Labelflash, where only Ritek make the discs for Fuji right now. :slight_smile:

This may change, I don’t know. Note though, I’m not saying one’s better than the other, just commenting on disc availability. :wink:

My recommendation is to not care about Lightscribe or Labelflash, but buy printable discs and an inkjet printer that can print on them. This looks much better and on long term should be much cheaper too.

with out caring about LF or LS, wich one should i get?