AD-7173S Need help

Hi, friends I have AD-7173S drive. It worked fine. But for some reason I’ve lost content of SPI flash memory W25P16 and drive is dead now. Now I need original flash memory dump. I can program it but I don’t have it. I need full flash memory dump. Version of firmware does not matter. Just original dump. Thanks in advance.

Maybe this is what you are searching for? :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=geno888;2540634]Maybe this is what you are searching for? :)[/QUOTE]

That files don’t have full content of chip. They only contain upgradeable part of flash memory chip. Because all content of the chip is lost I need dump of physical memory. Thanks.

I’m not sure, what exactly the W25P16 chip is, but I assume it’s the 2 MB flash chip of your drive.

In that case probably nobody will be able to help you. I could provide the data for memory regions 0x0 to 0x7FFF and from 0x30000 to the end of the flash chip. But the remaining data contains calibration data that is unique to your drive and without a backup of that data you will not be able to burn or maybe even read a single disc. At least I’m not aware of any method to re-calibrate the drive.