AD-7173s BSOD while reading

Hi guys,

Last week I bought a NEC/Optiarc AD-7173s. The drive recognises the discs and I can see the files stored on those. But when I ctrl+c (or try to play) any of those files I get a BSOD (further noticing that I never get those screens, and my system runs smoothly).

I’ve tried the drive in an other pc of a friend of mine, and there it is working just great.
So, it deems to be a softwareproblem / conflict or something. Hopefully can you guys help me out.

My specs:
AMD Athlon 64, 3000+ Venice
Kingstone DDR PC3200 (2x512mb)
Seagate Baracuda 7200.10 320gb
Windows XP Home Edition, SP2

Thanks in advance

Hi & welcome, - when I installed my fist SATA burner (Lite-On), I had a similar experience trying to rip a DVD. I set the drive’s Region Code and went over the SATA settings in the BIOS (there was one for DMA in particular which I changed) and never had a BSOD again after that (not even after changing the SATA DMA setting back and forth again). I also have an nForce mobo.

Hi Cressida, many thanks for your reply!

I’ve looked for DMA in bios and it is set to AUTO. Now I see many options (like UDMA 1 till 4 and so on), but since I not sure what I’m doing down there, I don’t know what to choose. Do you have any suggestions?

And about setting region code. The Region Code is set to 2 (the Netherlands/Europe), and it’s correct. The discs I tried are just data-dvd’s (one with hdtv-trailers in particular). So, I guess there can’t be any issue with region code. Please correct me if I’m wrong. :wink:

Hi again,
In the meanwhile it is becoming a hell of a story.

After trying some options in BIOS I lost my keyboard. In other words, it not reacted in Windows and during the start-up, so I couldn’t enter BIOS anymore to change the settings…

My only option was to reset the BIOS, and guess what: I not only get back my keyboard but also achieved to make the DVD-RW work! Further testing is surely necessary, but the first steps are made.

Thanks for helping me out, the trouble seems to be in BIOS indeed.

Cheers mate :slight_smile:

Setup BIOS Defaults may have helped :confused: . I couldn’t figure what fixed it either - hope it stays that way :slight_smile:

Pretty odd huh…
Especialy the fact that I didn’t changed that much in BIOS since I use that system…

Burned 3 discs by now and it seems to work perfect.