AD-7170s won't burn faster than 3-4x



I have flashed the drive with the official 1.02 firmware but it didn’t seem to make a difference. I’ve tried the burning with several different types of media including 16x memorex dvd+r, 8x ritek +r, and 16x sony +r and it still won’t burn faster than an average speed of 3 or 4x. It is a SATA drive and I’m not running a RAID configuration.


Maybe AHCI is enabled in your BIOS for the SATA ports?


I checked the BIOS but I didn’t find a setting to enable or disable ACHI.


What board do you have and what chipset is your SATA controller? Could it be an “old” board with a VIA 8237 chipset? These are not compatible with optical SATA drives.


Yes, I am using that chipset. I had no idea they weren’t compatible. At least it still works somewhat.