AD-7170S & 360 backups


I recently purchased the AD-7170S, and am very happy with it, however I was trying to burn an xbox 360 backup today, and the game won’t load, I get to a black screen, and am told to try cleaning my disks.

Having looked at the different firmwares, I was wondering if there was one which could be recommended in helping with 360 backups.

Using Bin flash GUI, I have the following information about the drive at present.

Drive interface v1.34
NEC interface v1.39
NEC internal v1.39


This is not information about your drive but about some internally used versioning for Binflash components. :doh:

I right, well, my question still stands, I just don’t have any info on what firmware I am currently using. How would I find this?

Then use the drive for burning that you have used to create that xbox BACKUP!

Aye, its doing so now, just, I made it with my brothers, as I knew it worked, and wanted to see if my new one did. It doesn’t.

Its a pain, but not to bad, I’ll just continue annoying my brother to let me on his PC.

Just for the info, what drive is it?

On my Brothers PC? Its a Liteon one. Not sure of the Model number off the top of my head.
On Mine its an Optiarc AD-7170S

When I run binflash, in the device field it lists my drive with the firmware beside it:

[Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A 1.O3] with the 1.O3 being what firmware it is. Does yours list it this way?

Ah, 1.00, would 1.03 improve its 360 backup burning ability?

Make a dump, then update!

Cannot hurt.

From the ones listed on Liggy’s page, should I use the official one, or one of the others, and if so, which of them is newest?

If your drive has 100, then update to 102/102bt.

Don’t forget to backup before!

So “Liggy’s AD-7170S Bitsetting Firmware 1.02” rather than “Original Optiarc AD7170S firmware 1.02” ?

i have a AD-7170A drive, that i use for 360 backups. It works great, i would think you should update with the bitsetting firmware. What media are you using? it sounds more like a media issue than anything.

Verbatim, from Digitalpromo. They worked fine on another DVD. I’ll try updating the firmware to Liggys one, and see how I go.