AD-7170A, FW 1.O3 & What scanner to believe, HELP

I’ve just finished scanning the same media with both my BenQ DW-1640 & Lite-On LH-20A1H, both tell me 2 COMPLETELY different stories, can anyone tell me, which they would believe?

Media: Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC004), Not PAPA or PAP6, just a bunch of #'s, manufactured in 2005, MIT. Bought @ BestBuy during their last sale (not Intelliflix)

Burned @ 18x

First scan is BenQ, Second is Lite-On

Note: It’s the exact opposite when I scan Verbatim’s DVD-R 16x (MCC 03RG20), Litey loves it & Benq hates it.

They are both correct, as long as your scans are repeatable. That is, if the same disc scans with roughly similar results (less than 10% variance) in the same drive.

LiteOn and BenQ drives are sensitive to different factors of disc quality.

As such, they will respond differently to discs that have only one of these quality factors gone bad.

As you scan with both, be sure that the results are good in both drives. Only then can you be even remotely sure that the burn is anywhere near good.