AD-7170A/F.W. 1.M1 or Liggy 1.04?

I saw a pretty long thread on the 1.M1 firmware & I am sure that Dee spent some time on it. I saw some people using it & some switching back. I know the 1.04 is based on the original, just w/bitsetting. I care mostly about quality and compatibility & not as much about speed or quantity. Which one of these firmwares is mostly used or which one should I be using??:confused:

Everyone, thanks in advance

It’s all up to personal taste, no one can (and will) do the testings for you. If you are using media that are tweaked under 1.M1, try it out, otherwise, 1.04 will be fine for the typical media like MCC and Taiyo Yuden.

Thanks for the reply, I guess I will stick with L. 1.04. It works great & until someone tells me that 1.M1 has better writing compatibility w/standalone dvd players; that’s when I might switch.

Which one do you use?

I’ve kept with 1.04 since I only use MCC and Taiyo Yuden, since 1.M1 didn’t offer any advantages. IIRC, the patched firmwares catered towards lower speed rated media such that they can burn at higher speed with different strategies known to be good. However, media like YUDEN000T02 (8x) have known to have great results up to 16x burning, thus, the NEC original firmware may have that incorporated already. Heck, my old 3500A can still burn T02 at 16x with great result.

 Check out this 1.04 burn I just did!!!:bow: