AD-7170A CD error recovery, Audio ripping

Hi there,

currently I’ve shortlisted 2 burners for my next buy:

The Pioneer DVR-112 and the NEC/Optiparc AD-7170A.

For the Pioneer, CDRinfo did a pretty good job on reviewing the error correction features:

The question to me is now, how the Nec would perform there.

Of course, some judgement about the CD burning quality (on Taiyo Yuden Media) would be also nice, although I’ve read here some good points according to that.

Does anybody know a review or has some experience with the 7170A and CD error correction?

How would it look with ripping protected CDs? I’ve read some good things about the Pioneer (2-Sheep burner, etc.). How does the NEC perform here?

Thanks a lot for any help!

The Optiarc AD-7170A is my best drive for burning Taiyo Yuden CD-R media and it produces excellent results with very low jitter.

I can’t answer your other question about it’s CD error correction performance as I haven’t tested it much.

Thank you for your opinion!

As far as I can see, you do not own the DVR-112, so you can not directly compare the CD-R quality on both drives, right?

At least I know now that the Optiparc would work well with my CD-R media.

Right. I don’t have personal experience with the Pioneer 112 series - only with the earlier 111 series.

My Pioneer 111 drives are not quite as good as my Optiarc AD-7170A for burning Taiyo Yuden CD-R in case anyone’s interested.

After REALLY much searching the web, I finally found the answer:

CDRLABS.PL did the necessary tests revealing that the Pioneer performs generally better during CD error correction:

If you are able to read Polish, here they are…

(please note the additional page in the DVR-112 review)

It is quite interesting to see that the AD-7173A results only as a 1-sheep burner while the SATA variant AD-7173S gets 2 sheeps as the Pioneer.

I have two different NEC drives which both perform poorly on warped discs, if this counts.

Well, as you see above, it’s even hard to compare the same model only differing in the interface. So I think, the older NEC drives are totally different by any means and not really comparable.

Best thing of course would be to get both and compare them side by side.

If I would have had the ABEX test CDs and DVDs I’d even consider to do this on my own and buy both…

So if there’s anyone around here who owns those media or knows someone who could lend them to me for a few days, I could clear this thing up…