AD-5630A RPC1 On Macbook Air

OK so I finally got the RPC1 firmware onto my Macbook Air Superdrive which is a AD-5630A 1CHQ Firmware. I had to physically dismantle the drive and put it in a PC laptop to flash it.

My question is the region counter is still counting down I swapped between R1 and R2 discs and it takes away a change each time. I also got an error after the region change I want to say it was 7100 but dont want to use another region change replicating it.


Flashing the drive with an rpc1 firmware is only half the job.

Also install and run dvdinfoX.

Hi Pedro,
How did you do it? I have the same drive with a Macbook Air. I used Binflash on Parallels/Windows-XP (it did not work on Mac OSX). With this, I can do a dump but when I tried to flash it does not want to do it. Did you finish it? Did you use dvdinfoX and is it working?