AD-5280S extended tray eject for duplicator

Hi ,

i need help to Enable extended tray eject on AD-5280S?? :confused:

Thanks !!!

I want to know how to modify FW for AD-5280S and AD-7280S too , for Enable extended tray eject out more .

if have anyone know ,please help me .

Thanks !!! .

So far nobody has figured out the difference between the normal firmwares and the ones with an extended eject. This meant that at the moment you’re probably out of luck.

Hi! So far no luck? I interested in it too.
I have Pioneer DVK-218BLBK 1.02 and I flash it with DVR-218L 9.00 from primera website without any manipulation. Jusy launching DVR-218L 9.00.EXE. That give me drive with extended tray eject. Maybe this information would be interesting for somebody.
Now for sale AD-7280 / AD-5280 And would be nice have extended tray eject on this dives.
BTW maybe someone have firmware from primiera site for AD-7260?

No luck with AD-5280 Tray eject?

I spoke with Vinpower to today to discuss the various versions of the 5280S CD-ROM drives which are available. Vinpower has the exclusive rights to manufacture the drives as they bought the “Optiarc” name as well as the design to build the drives which they helped develop over the last three + years from Sony. The current models are as follows:


The CB-Plus-Auto is the only model with full tray extension and also has different firmware installed in it along with additional grease on the drive gears, and the tray clips are removed. This drive if purchased from a dealer that buys direct from Vinpower costs only around $10.00 more than the CB-Auto.

The drives serial number is in a database so if you decide to remove the clips and are able to re-flash the drives firmware which may not be possible you will void the warranty! If you are using this in a robotic loader application ie. mass duplicator than it is not worth the effort to save $10.00 to make these changes yourself. If you are using a single drive there is even less incentive to do so.