AD-5240S in duplicator tower

I’ve tried searching for this, but didn’t find an answer/solution. Please direct me to it if I missed a thread.

I have a duplicator tower with AD-5240S, firmware 1.Z2. My problem is, some of the drives are beginning to malfunction and I’d like to exchange them. But AD-5240S doesn’t seem available anymore. I’ve tried with AD-7280S and AD-5260S, but the tower says “firmware mismatch”. All drives need to be identical.

So, can I, via bootcode and/or firmware, “change” another drive into a AD-5240S (or make the tower believe it’s a 5240S anyway)?

I’ve extracted the 1.Z2 firmware from a real AD5240S.
I have 7280S and 5260S which I’m willing to sacrifice in the name of testing :slight_smile:

Cheers for any help,