AD-5200A Crossflashing

Hello everybody!

Since cdrfreaks is dead - does anybody knows - AD-5200A is crossflashable to smth?
Everything I can find at present time is this old topic , but everything can be changed by now.
So it is possible 2 crossflash?
Any unlocked firmwares for it?


The 5200A is basically the same drive as the 7200A, and the difference between them is that the 7200A can also write to DVD-RAM.
I’m not sure if a crossflash is possible.

Could also be crossflashed to AD-7203A that includes Labelflash - in case anyone would want to use this. However you need a proper bootcode and a tool that can flash this bootcode and adjust a drive setting.

And how to crossflash? Where 2 get tools and firmware? Your site is down ((

My site never provided the tools and the required bootcodes, but I might release the source code for some of my internal tools - including bootcode dump and flash software - however flashing usually required a special handling so it has always been a bit risky to use it.
Firmwares should hopefully be available again in 2 to 5 weeks from now