AD-5170A wont recognize DVD even after flashing. Help!

Hey guys. I bought a DVD driver model AD-5170A a while ago, unaware of all the problems this would cause just for being an OEM driver.

Anyway, I have a few programms and games that my DVD drive wont recognize (I’m testing it with the game Battlefield 2142). I flashed it to version 1.13 and still didnt work. Then I used the 1.M1 firmware package and it still wouldnt recognize the game nor the other stuff. Before flashing it to version 1.13, I got it to recognize the game and one of the programms just by opening and closing the drive over and over again. I got to install both of them, but whenever I want to use them I cant because it’s a pain trying to make it read the DVD’s.

Is there any way to flash it to the latest version so it recognizes everything without problems? I dont know how old the version 1.13 is but they seem to be pretty much outdated right? Thanks for the help in advance.