Acura MDX, what brand DVD?



I use DVDFab to copy my DVDs and it works fine in every DVD player I own except the built in DVD player in our Acura MDX. I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a brand of blank DVD that works consistently in this DVD player. It’s somewhat hit and miss with copies I make, they occasionally work and I’m pretty sure the brand has an impact but hope not to have to buy samples of every brand out there.



For single layer Taiyo Yuden is hands down the best I’ve ever used. +R booktyped to DVD-ROM just don’t miss.

For DL clones I use Verbatim made in Singapore.


Hi tbergman and welcome to cdfreaks,

A couple suggestions.
I “think” your player is a Pioneer AVD-W6200. I had to guess a little…
I just tried to log in on Pioneer’s support site, but it won’t let me access the owner’s manual without a login.
I’d take a look and see what Pioneer recommends:,,2076_4025_38315,00.html

Not sure what you’ve tried, but Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim are your best bets for quality media and compatibility outside of the manufacturer’s recommendations. Try to stick with made in Japan.
There are a lot of variables involved here: media, burner, firmware, burn speed, etc. The media that works best in your burner may not work well or at all in your car player. The marriage often involves some trial and error.


[QUOTE=90312;1928974]For single layer Taiyo Yuden is hands down the best I’ve ever used. +R booktyped to DVD-ROM just don’t miss.
I’m typing at my usual “turtle” speed…:bigsmile:


Your answer is much more detailed and probably helps more than mine.

tbergman, I mentioned +R booktyped to DVD-ROM because some players just don’t like -R or RW disks and that may be part of the problem.



We have an MDX with a factory dvd player and EVERY single car we own has a diffrent brand flip screen DVD player in the dash, from Pyle (which sucks) to Pioneer to farenheit (yeah we own a few cars) and EVERY one plays perfect with the Sony DVD-R 16x discs (that will actually burn at 20x)


Where do you guys get the isos from


How do you fixed a scratched one


Also do you guys know cheap places to buy new ones