Actual read speeds for 3520A

I’ve been searching the forums to try and find out actual rip speeds of DL pressed DVDs with the NEC 3520A. People don’t seem to think it is relevant to actually state speeds and just use relative words like “fast” or “really fast”, sometimes people use the word “slow”. I’m looking for a good read speed (in total minutes) of a dual layer pressed DVD. The best I have done is 18 minutes with Alcohol 120% and I am just wondering if I should be trying to do better.

NEC starts around 3X and ends @ 7.3X.

Buy a Benq 1620 and use a rip lock free firmware and ripp full pressed DL DVDS in about 9 minutes. It reads those (and also DVD ±R ±RW) a 16X so faster than that you can’t find anywhere.

Oh and it also burns faster because it burns at speeds faster than the rated (4X@8X and 8X@12X or 16x).

Then the quality tests (PIE/PIF/POF/Jitter, etc).

Rip speed of the NEC 3520A with riplock removed firmware gives about a 3-7x speed, average 5.5x. Takes about 20min to rip a full size DL DVD Video. With the fastest ripping drives it can be done in as little as 10-12min. The NEC 3520A can read SL DVD-Video and DVD+/-R at 6-16x speeds however - about 5min to rip these types.