Actual list of DVD-R/+R-manufacturer?

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FTI-media seems to be very hard to find in Germany.
[/quote]Can you find products by Xlayer? I think this is a German company and should be easier to find. I asked them who makes their media and they said Xlayer Value is made by Ritek and Xlayer PRO by Falcon (with TDK MID). I can only find Xlayer Value here, but maybe Xlayer Pro is worth the try (even thought I read some negative comments about the TDK MID).

Xlayer is easy to find, but not the Pro-versions. I´ve bought 3 or 4 years ago DVD-media from Xlayer withTDK-Mid but now Xlayer is cheaper and I´m afraid of getting the worst cases: BD-R with Ritek, DVD-R with MBI

But I found on Ebay printable Falcons, Inkjet (which I bought for trying) and thermal printable

Here some first scans with the Falcon

Mixed results, atm I´m not very happy with Falcon, I have better results with Ritek and CMC (but also hard to find here), Umedisc, even with MBI -R.

Looks like Optodisc is a manufacturer which can still make good media

So, it looks like another one is gone

So I can hope in some years I will find DVD-media without MBI-code

Mine still have RITEK.

What are these burning classes?

You could be lucky to get Ritek instead of MBI

The quality-index from CDSpeed is mostly dependant on the max PIF-count, very high PI also have some influence.

The class-index (the only drives I have which can do advanced scan are Benq) is dependant on much more error-instances, like you can see here

Found Xlayer Pro on this shop

Are the Pro general Falcon?

Non-Pro DL are MBI :\

As I already wrote above, according to Xlayer, Value is Ritek and PRO is Falcon (with TDK MID). I can only find Value, so I did not bother to check myself. But I am talking about DVD+R 4.7GB. I don’t know if the same is valid for DVD+R Double Layer 8.5GB.

Thank you, I asked the shop and will see if they will answer

Some articles have a very old description, I ordered some Xlayer Pro +R and get FTI +R Value with TDK 003

In my experience, TDK performed best at CDs.
Their DVDs were also fine. But their CDs are king.

I will know soon :wink:

I´m not sure about CD-R, but I know TDKs DVDs were made by other manufacturers with TDKs own MIDs, like TTG01/02 by CMC and TDK 002/3 and TTH01/2 by FTI

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Also by MBIL and, in much smaller quantities, by MAM-E and Thai Media Industries.

All with TDK-MID?

I had TDK CD-R 650MB 12x made by TY, but I like the 16x with TDKs dark blue Dye :slight_smile:

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Yes. The ones made by MBIL are quite easy to find (e.g. older Panasonic/TDK DVDRs), on the other hand, the media produced by MAM-E or Thai Media Industries are virtually impossible to get nowadays.


I remember reading somewhere in the forum that they were some issues with Falcon media (with TDK MID)? I can only find Verbatim DVD-R Printable Waterproof made in UAE (by Falcon), but they are too expensive to buy.

Dunno who´s right :wink:

Some say TDK DVD is generally bad, but my old 4x -R TTG01 are after 12-14 still in very good condition.

Never had TDK +R before, bought my first TDK 003 some weeks ago

I don’t think 4x -R TTG01 is comparable to 16x +R TDK 003. I remember when TDK media (labeled made in Luxembourg!) were widely available, but I don’t remember ever trying them. answers the Xlayer Pro DL are made in UAE, but dunno the mediacode

Forgot this topic, but now I know the answer :wink:

FTI R08 is the MID of these DL