Actual list of DVD-R/+R-manufacturer?

In shops here you only find some brands like Verbatim, Intenso, maybe Platinum, TDK (made in India) and shops own brands which are mostly or all made by MBI

So I ordered on ebay, can´t see where the Media was made before I get it.

MBI 01RG40 wasn´t so bad on some of my drives like BDR-208, PX 755, ihas 122 (hope also 124), Benq 1650. Hope actual batch is so good like the ones from Platinum I get 2013.

I´m not a fan of MBIPG101 R05,I think I can use em for temporary things or something.

Some shops like and list on some media the codes, but I don´t trust em. Intenso uses since year UME02 and AML, the shops still list Informedia-Codes

Traxdata are hard to find here, Ebay have some shops in UK which sells it but it´s simply to expensive for Standard-Ritek. And I don´t know why shops in UK want over 125€ for 10 Traxdata Double Layer?

I found this one on ebay:

Anyone knows whether Prodisc still exist? I bought more than 10 years ago the last Prodisc-media, labeled as Datawrite Grey Classic ProdiscF02

Now I saw on ebay a US-shop which sells Prodisc Printable 8x and 16x

I know Prodisc had problems with Philips in 2008 because of non-paid licenses, but I dunno whether Prodisc could pay

Read my first reply in this thread… you may be able to find NOS but I’d be careful to make sure it is what you think it is.

Found this on Facebook:

Last post Jan 2015

Dunno the logo, is it from the Prodisc who made S03 (because I only had media with Prodisc-Code but not Prodisc-lable) or did someone use this name?

Only found those media on US-shops, shipping costs are extremly high, about 50€, so I don´t order

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FTI-media seems to be very hard to find in Germany.
[/quote]Can you find products by Xlayer? I think this is a German company and should be easier to find. I asked them who makes their media and they said Xlayer Value is made by Ritek and Xlayer PRO by Falcon (with TDK MID). I can only find Xlayer Value here, but maybe Xlayer Pro is worth the try (even thought I read some negative comments about the TDK MID).

Xlayer is easy to find, but not the Pro-versions. I´ve bought 3 or 4 years ago DVD-media from Xlayer withTDK-Mid but now Xlayer is cheaper and I´m afraid of getting the worst cases: BD-R with Ritek, DVD-R with MBI

But I found on Ebay printable Falcons, Inkjet (which I bought for trying) and thermal printable

Here some first scans with the Falcon

Mixed results, atm I´m not very happy with Falcon, I have better results with Ritek and CMC (but also hard to find here), Umedisc, even with MBI -R.

Looks like Optodisc is a manufacturer which can still make good media

So, it looks like another one is gone

So I can hope in some years I will find DVD-media without MBI-code

Mine still have RITEK.

What are these burning classes?

You could be lucky to get Ritek instead of MBI

The quality-index from CDSpeed is mostly dependant on the max PIF-count, very high PI also have some influence.

The class-index (the only drives I have which can do advanced scan are Benq) is dependant on much more error-instances, like you can see here

Found Xlayer Pro on this shop

Are the Pro general Falcon?

Non-Pro DL are MBI :\

As I already wrote above, according to Xlayer, Value is Ritek and PRO is Falcon (with TDK MID). I can only find Value, so I did not bother to check myself. But I am talking about DVD+R 4.7GB. I don’t know if the same is valid for DVD+R Double Layer 8.5GB.

Thank you, I asked the shop and will see if they will answer

Some articles have a very old description, I ordered some Xlayer Pro +R and get FTI +R Value with TDK 003

In my experience, TDK performed best at CDs.
Their DVDs were also fine. But their CDs are king.

I will know soon :wink:

I´m not sure about CD-R, but I know TDKs DVDs were made by other manufacturers with TDKs own MIDs, like TTG01/02 by CMC and TDK 002/3 and TTH01/2 by FTI

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Also by MBIL and, in much smaller quantities, by MAM-E and Thai Media Industries.

All with TDK-MID?

I had TDK CD-R 650MB 12x made by TY, but I like the 16x with TDKs dark blue Dye :slight_smile:

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Yes. The ones made by MBIL are quite easy to find (e.g. older Panasonic/TDK DVDRs), on the other hand, the media produced by MAM-E or Thai Media Industries are virtually impossible to get nowadays.


I remember reading somewhere in the forum that they were some issues with Falcon media (with TDK MID)? I can only find Verbatim DVD-R Printable Waterproof made in UAE (by Falcon), but they are too expensive to buy.