Actual burning length

How many actual minutes/MB’s of a 74/800 min/mb’s cd can you burn? I’ve heard that you cannot actually burn 74min/800mb.

You are correct, there is NO way you can get 800 meg onto a 74 min/650 meg cd, not even on an 80 min/700 meg one!

Oh but i meant like when u have a 74minute cd how many actual minutes can you burn on it?


plz, don’t cross post this message, in 2 or more forums

It’s 2 different topics!!!
The other one was how many mbs you can overburn a cd. in this one i want to know if you DONT overburn then how many mbs can you fit in a cd? i’ve heard that in a 800mb cd you cant really put 800 mbs, then my question was how many actual megs can you put on a 800mb cd without overburning!

The above text is a bit messy but try to understand.