Actors sound like Donald Duck?



Not a burning question but rather a reading problem.
I have a Samsung DVD-ROM (SD-616F F105) in one of my PCs which my daughter uses to play movies.
Just lately she has complained about the sound being funny.
When I investigated I found that speech is being reproduced in a sqeaky, high pitched manner - making the actors especially kids sound a bit like Donald Duck when they talk.
My guess is that the thing is spinning to fast?
Is there anything I can do about it or should I just chuck it and get a new one?


This cannot have anything to do with the readspeed.

check the speakers and audio settings first, then check the installed codecs/softwares.


Methinks you’re right.
I downloaded and installed the latest audio driver (it’s an ABIT KV7 board) and it seems to have fixed the problem.
Windows update must have screwed it up?


Could be, it’s just software…