Activision threatens to drop PS3

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Growing tired of the Playstation 3’s high price tag, the head of gaming’s biggest publisher is threatening to drop future support of the console if the price doesn’t come down.

"If we…

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Why would they drop prices? It’s been selling just as well as the X360 for the last few months.

That said, the most played console in the world is still the PS2, so the day the PS3 becomes affordable in the mind of those PS2 owners, sales are going to explode.

Activision should stop acting so high and mighty. Dropping PS3 support would be millions in losses for them, they know it.

And it’s easy to pirate games on X360, they are also taking a huge loss from there.

This is hardly news considering how badly the PS3 is doing overall (but really, who cares?). PS2 owners are migrating to the 360, so please don’t have any illusion that they are just ‘waiting’ for the PS3 price to drop. As is usual, games are what matter - and the 360 is shifting HUGE amounts of games. For Activision to even approach this subject is very grim / negative news for PS3 - but nothing new there either!

I think you are desillusionned. The PS3 is selling better than the X360 worldwide for the same time frame on the market.

And right now, the worldwide sales of PS3 and X360 are roughly equal weekly despite a huge price difference.

PS2 owners are not migrating to X360 as has been proved numerous times by the “most played console” surveys. They are clearly waiting for PS3 to drop in price.

PS3 is too expensive and the coming price drop is overdue.

Read the original interview. If PS3 is selling better then why did he say this:

“I’m getting concerned about Sony; the PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they don’t make it easy for me to support the platform. It’s expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better. Games generate a better return on invested capital on the Xbox than on the PlayStation,” Kotick says.

Oh please. There are 140 million PS2s out there, of course its most played by far. My 8 year old nephew plays his all the time, but what serious gamer still only has a PS2 ? And if they are waiting for PS3, for what, a good enough game ? That’s sad for the state of PS3 after 2 & 1/2 years on the martket. 360 had many games worth getting the console for a long time ago, and there is still not a true “console selling” title for PS3… kinda lame.

Sony really needs a $100 price drop and they need God of War, FF, GT5 etc… to be HUGE or they are in trouble.

A lot of people initially bought the PS3 as a blu-ray player - that is now slowing down as the standalones take over the player market. Hardcore gamers are going to own all the systems - but ask people with all three systems and the majority will clearly state that the 360 get’s the most time. As for PS3 selling more than 360 worldwide, er, no, not a chance.

Those smaller PS3’s are supposedly on the way. Most likely, we’ll see a price cut when they finally ship which will probably be in time for the holidays.

The PS3 would be cheaper to make if they removed the George Forman Grill functionality.

I agree with your point about a price drop desperately needed, but the sales aren’t as far off as you or kotick are making out!! also, I think its hilarious that two guys that are 360 owners are commenting on the ps3? RRod playing up again lads?:stuck_out_tongue:

Who cares the PS3 is rubbish! Long live the ZX81…!

first the ps3 needs to go to jenny craig its massive

I don’t have either the PS-3 or an X-360…but I know this one thing for sure, that 99% of my friends have an X-360…that alone tells me to buy an X-360 over the PS-3. I always take the time to ask my friends why they chose the X-360 over the PS-3 and the answer is always the same…“The Games”, “The Games”. Some say it’s the cost and the lack of good games…So there it is from a nobody;):wink:

@ johnfleff…er, no!

worldwide numbers will tell you that the ps3 is not too far off from the 360. the US is where the 360 is beating the ps3 badly!

and as for the games, well i honestly think you need to look at the current games out for the ps3! uncharted, LBP, GOW3, KZ2, and the fact that the devs are putting out multiformats also tells the story that THEY think its worth making games for the ps3!

activision are trying to call sony’s bluff with this statement!:wink:

guys you have said so much that all am left withis just to say,play on players,at the end of the day we all VIDEO GAME FUNATICS.Be your best in wat you got.

Agreed. Americans are buying Xbox360’s … the rest of the world are buying PS3’s … and … well … I’ve been to Utah.
The US education sector needs a little … well … a complete overhaul. :stuck_out_tongue:

At any rate, buying it just because your friends have got it doesn’t make sense to me. Your friends could be morons, and … well … the birds of a feather :iagree:
On the other hand, if you can easily pirate all games that your friends have got, and play them on your own console … sure … that’s a reason I can understand in the current economic environment.

It’s interesting that people buy the xbox 360 & pay subscription fees to play games online … when it’s shown time & again that the PS3 version of games are roughly equivalent, sometimes better, sometimes worse … but completely free.

M$ sure has a great strategy … the same as WoW really.
Give it to them cheap, and shaft them a little every day afterwards.