Activision sues CoD 3 game pirates

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Game maker Activision is reportedly suing several more people accused of illegally copying and distributing Activision game titles for profit, although there still is a certain level of confusion…

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Since I greatly doubt the average computer file sharer can afford such expensive settlements, I am more inclined to believe Activision is going after serious pirates who are selling illegal copies of its video games.

I’m rather curious to see how Activision learned of these guys who are pirating its video games.

And if Activision really is going after regular file sharers and wanting $50K+ in settlements, shame on the game studio and its lawyers!!

I am glad to see this happening. Finally game and software manufactures are suing the root of the problem and not just the single person who is looking for a freebie.

In the olden days of computers, people just copied a program or a game for a friend, and that was it. The chances are that that person wouldn’t have bought that game or program in the first place, so in reality no harm was actually done.

But these days (from what I have read online), people find a way to copy the software/game, and post it online with instructions so everyone can get a copy for free. Most people who look online for free copies were going to be legit buyers of that product. The people looking for the free copies are not the ones at fault ( in my opinion),

It is the ones who hack into manufactures servers, whom copy and host it online for the world to pirate, and the cockroaches who copy the software/game with intent to make a profit from someone else’s multi million dollar investment.

Every software, program, game, movie, music or operating manufacture are deciding if making these investments are actually worth it. Why take a chance in investing and making something awesome, when your work will be pirated and everything you worked really hard to achieve is going to be pirated.

The biggest questions, “is it worth it” or “can we make a profit worth while”? Can we protect this product with anti copy protections to turn a profit? Making software and games for the PC is probably not worth it anymore, it is too easy to pirate on that platform. But making games for the PS3 or Xbox 360 where copy protections are not beat yet, are what manufactures are turning to.

Pirates are killing the awesome gaming of the PC. If the industry doesn’t get a grip of the out of control piracy, I predict no manufacture (with intent to make a profit) will make games for the PC in the near future. No more open source code, or no modding game community. We gamers will be stuck playing games on consoles with no chance of upgrading the graphics card, CPU, ram, ect, at subpar screen resolutions with no AA and antiA. We will be at the mercy of the hardware of the console playing with a game controller.

In my opinion, if the industry wants to totally end this piracy, they need a better approach.

After thinking of a good way for the industry to handle this situation with out DRM, or other forms of protections for their work, I heard someone say a saying the other day, “Tell on your buddy system”.

The industry could offer money to people who tell on others who pirate. They could offer a $1000 - $10,000 reward for information and conviction of the pirate. They could call it the 'Tell on your buddy system". LOL. I mean really, 1 small Innocent telephone call could net them $10,000 or keep it up and get $300,000 yearly.

This would have people so scared, they would delete everything off their hard drives, destroy their pirated discs, and the rewards would pay for themselves and the manufacturers would still be making a killing. Over time, the prices would come down on software and games (except for Microsoft) and this would end the majority of the piracy.

IS THIS WHAT PEOPLE WANT? I defiantly don’t want this. But I could defiantly see this happening as a solution for the industry. What does the industry have to do for people to realise that they are hurting themselves. Some say that DRM is hurting the manufactures sales, some manufactures are saying if they don’t implant DRM they will lose money on their investment and making it not worth making in the first place.

I am no nark, I would rather sit in jail than ratt out someone. My soul will not allow it, and Carma has some to do with it. Just letting everyone know that the “Nark on your buddy” campaign is probably the only thing left the industry can do to stop the piracy. Looking at the economy, having everyone strapped for money, you wouldn’t even be able to trust you best friend if this campaign came into effect. Everyone has a price (so they say), what would be your price to ratt out your good neighbor? $1000, 3000, or even $10,000? My price is $0, because there is no amount of money they could pay me to ruin someone else’s life.

  1. Lower prices

  2. Remove DRM

  3. Problem solved

There is always some piracy as some consumers can only afford to pay zero Euro for goods. While there are anonymous p2p options like Dargens dot com around heavy handed enforcement is not the answer.

Game makers should lower parices, make DRM user friendly and provide better value with legal media by including non digital extras like posters.

The really sad part about this whole story is that Call of Duty 3 was pirated. I mean, COD3??? That is THE worst in the COD series! Activision should be THANKING the pirates for copying that game.

*I own ALL the COD games EXCEPT COD3 (because it’s console only and console shooters SUCK, and because really, COD3 SUCKS), so yeah, consider me a COD expert witness.

On a serious note, good for Activision, pirates suck. And lower prices…ok true console games are usually 10 bucks more than pc games, but 40-50 bucks for a GOOD/GREAT game is NOT too much. I paid 50 bucks for BF2142, logged over 1700 hours playing it. Just one of MANY 40-50 dollar games I own.

you are not a COD expert douche bag and all the other COD games had 2 years of development time and COD 3 on ly had 8 months so STFU faggot:a