Activesync 4.2 won't synchronize ASUS A636N with Windows XP

Today I bought a new PDA because the old one was not functioning properly and I didn’t want to spend too much time figuring it out.

The ASUS A636N PDA is a nifty PDA. However, I have some troubles getting it to synchronize with Windows XP on company laptop (it works flawlessly with my own PC). I upgraded ActiveSync software to version 4.2. Upon connection it does recognize the device and starts the synchronization, but after a long time it gives the message that it failed to connect.

According to troubleshooters it should be related to a firewall installed. However, I cannot find this feature. I can see Norton Antivirus installed. When I try to change settings of Windows Firewall, it asks me to run “Windows Firewall / Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service”. If I click yes I get the message that this service cannot be started. There is no way I can disable the firewall or Antivirus (technically I may be able to do so, but considering the sensitive data on the laptop, this is not an option)

The HP 2210 does connect with my laptop using ActiveSync 4.2 and is also able to synchronize. However, Pumatech Intellisync is not able to connect this time…

Synchronization with this laptop (Windows XP, Office 2003) is very important for me. Does anyone here have an idea on how to make this work (preferably by changing some settings on the ASUS A636N, rather than fiddling with laptop).

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Maybe is a really dumb idea, but do this PDA have a memory installed? I mean something like MMC or secure digital?

You can save all data in the memory card and then extract the memory from the PDA and copy all its contents in your laptop. If I’m not wrong laptops already have a reader for some memory cards already installed by default.

It has a SD card…and laptop has slot for that too (use it often)
But I am not so much worried about synchronizing files and such, but my calendar and contacts are what is important to me…and these (to my knowledge) cannot be synchronized by using the suggested method.

Thanks for thinking with me though!

:frowning: sorry if it didn’t work, it was only an idea :flower:

Your suggestion is appreciated Geno…

Hopefully someone else will have a brilliant answer that solves my problem…

do both devices (old and new one) have the same device name?
you said, you can sync with your old 2210, so i guess you did already use the 2210 with AS 4.2?!
and if this is the case, you should rename the new pda’s device name…
just a guess, a shot in the dark… i own a pda myself and i know that AS does have many issues, which result in the symptomes you describe…

Thanks for the suggestion.
I deleted the old device.

I noticed, upon closer examination, that this AS version looks for a connection on TCP/IP port 990. Also, in the detailed error log I recognized BlackIce running. After shutting that down (IT won’t like that, but I notice it restarts itself automatically…so I have to make sure it is disabled contineously during synchronisation), synchronisation was no problem… fingers crossed

I have had exactly the same problem, and after many tries have found the solution (or at least one that has worked consistently for two days now, which is a marathon record compared to before)! First tip - ignore the firewall warnings from the troubleshooter- I even uninstalled my firewall and it made no difference. The firewall should automatically make rules for wescomm, rapimgr, CEappmgr and atsu (I think I spelled them right, Im not at home now and am writing these from memory - its all the .exe files in the activesync directory on the PC)

I got the tip by examining SKTools optimizing settings for a different reason and there was the answer. I was having continual problems, installed and uninstalled Activesync 4.1 and 4.2 but no luck unless I had hard reset my Asus A636N and connected with a factory setup.

What I discovered in SKtools was that there is an Activesync file in \Windows\Activesync calledCtrlLog.txt. Now apparently Activesync writes all its details here. According to Sktools, turning this to ‘read only’ can reduce system useage. I thought it worth a try, so changed the properties through SKtools (you can do it manually). Sktools reset it to 1b in size (I don’t know if reducing the size is necessary).

I did this after a hard reset and now have had continuous Activesync comms for two days straight!

There is one other thing to look at. Sometimes after a soft reset, Settings>connections>usb connections which should be set as ‘Transmission as a serial interface’ sometimes resets itself to ‘Transmission as a Network interface’, so it pays to check this after any reset.

In the same screen, If you are really stuck and need to get some data on/off the pda, set to ‘simulation as a card reader’, unplug the usb and plug it back in again. This will allow you to access your SD card, so you can copy data there from the PC and then copy it in the pda to wherever it is needed.

Coincidentally, I upgraded to an Asus A636N from an ipaq 2200 which mostly Activesynched flawlessly.

Hope all this helps. Like I said, its worked well for two days, which is far better than never like before.