Activation questions



Due to recent events I have had to advance my plans as I have acquired a large SSD to front my RAID array. When did my planning about a year ago VeloSSD appeared to be the independent solution I was after, but now I have looked into the installation process for testing unfortunately it seems to use mandatory online software activation, which makes me very wary. Were it not for the fact that all the other options for SSD caching are so bad it would be enough to put me off completely. As it seems, I have little choice. I’m also asking Romex similar questions regarding PrimoCache as it seems they offer offline activation, and if that meets my requirements, I will probably be forced to go down that route. Convince me otherwise if you want the sale :slight_smile:

I have been unable to find much information on EliteByte’s website about, well, anything (seriously - it’s awful), and I require more information before I plonk down my hard-earned money on software with a designed-in fault. I can’t seem to post new threads on their own forum, so I’m trying it here as I see they post occasionally.

So, tell me, what are the limits on activation?

I’m intending to use MaxVeloSSD on my main testbench workstation, so OS reinstallation will likely occur - I can’t see any mention of how this process is handled by the software beyond support manually resetting the activation counts (is there a method of deactivating them we can use?). This alarms me should the business either get sold or stop trading in the future. I multiboot multiple OSes. I can find no mention of whether MaxVeloSSD a) supports this (I would imagine it does, as it supports multiple volumes), b) will even allow me to install it into multiple OS installs on the same hardware due to the digital restrictions management (DRM) in use.

…and finally, what, if anything, causes deactivation. If I change my hardware am I going to have to come ask you for permission to keep using the software I have bought?


I’m interested to know the answer to these questions, too. I would hope that if the company disappeared they would email everyone a patch to self-activate it. I’ve become an OEM partner and now have four copies. Three are going into customer’s computers that I built. When I became an OEM partner, they gave me a Professional edition for free. I’ve been really impressed with the software and support at this point. But seriously, I’m so tempted to re-do their website for them! And I don’t even do websites! I wonder if they’ve heard of Squarespace? It could be so easy and so good…