Activation problem

Greetings all,

hoping someone can assist, or point me to someone who can, with a forum account activation problem.

I originally created an account with user name yootzee, but never received my activation email. I’m suspecting that I didn’t get the email due to some hotmail mojo (i used a hotmail email account for activation.)

I attempted to send an email, using a link on the cdfreaks website, that was using the address But, this email address comes back as unknown.

I finally just created this account, so I could post this to let someone know. I’m hoping i can just use my original account, and kill this one.

Anyone have any advice on if this is possible and/or who to pass the word on to?

thanks in advance for any assistance, yootzee

I just resent your activation email. Could you please check your hotmail folders (incl. spam folder) again and let me know if it worked.

Hi Liggy, and thanks. I’ve checked, and no email. Something is up with hotmail, as I’ve had similar problem receiving an activation email there for another forum a couple of weeks ago. how about address talk2eric_at_ericutsey_dot_com. I know that one works, as that is the one i just used.

Could you please check your hotmail account again? This time I tried to contact you in a different way. Please just send a reply to this mail and I’ll manually activate the account.

Checked, including junk/spam, and haven’t gotten anything.

Merged your accounts. You should be able to login with user “yootzee” and the password that you had on “notworking”. If that still doesn’t work, please drop me a PM.

Thanks for your help Liggy. Working fine. -yootzee