Activation of DEUHD not possible [Resolved]



I bought the DEUHD software this morning but I’m not able to activate the software. The problem is, that the software tells me that my mailadresse is not in the correct format - but this is not the case. I have an own domain and an own mail address like

I opened a support ticket this morning but since now no feedback.

So I paid 200 bugs and can’t use the software :frowning:

Any suggestions?


I often have the same problem, I just use a Gmail address, they are free as well. That usually solves the problem.


Yes, but during the registration I used a mail address from my own domain :-/


I understand that it isn’t nice you can’t use it straight away, but while they are slow, they usually do respond, so just want to assure you that you don’t lose your €199 :wink:


I got a feedback and DEUHD team solved my problem :slight_smile:


yes they do respond to email. i am adtually both surprised and impressed.

as a backup i would have told you to just get a gmail acct and avoid any non alpha numeric chars except “@“ and “.”. i assume they have a back end regex with some strict validation


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