Activating XP

this copy of windows must be activated with microsoft before you can log on…do you want to activate windows now?

i pressed NO…but it doesnt take me to the desktop, it brings me back to the log in screen.

what do i do? not trying to do illegal stuff here…i know i have to activate it sooner or later

Activate it then. You normally get 15 days to do this in where you can use it without doig it.

If it’s not illegal then click yes. It takes two mins.

but if i press NO shouldnt it bring me to the desktop?

I though it did in the first 15 days.

yes…that is the problem though…is there an error on my computer? it wont go to the desktop

can a mod please move this over to the software section…

Can do if you like.

allright thanks a lot

if you know you have to do it eventually, why don’t you just activate it?

what i meant by this being not illegal is for you guys not to close this thread…
i just want to know why after i press NO it doesnt go to the desktop

*even after i pressed the activate key it doesnt even show my ID…all it shows is ------------

uh, ok…

windows xp only lets you use it without activating for 30 days. after that, you have to activate it if you want to use it at all.

yea…LOL thats what im getting at…I cannot access the desktop even after i press NO

I don’t think you can get any updates if you don’t activate it though. I could be wrong.

then what else is there to discuss? no activation = no work.

you’re technically correct, but it’s more severe than that. you can’t access your desktop at all after the pre-activation period is over unless you activate.

oo…so the answer to my problem is that i need to activate before i can get to the desktop? then why do people say i have a 15 or 30 day grace period?

Well, they are saying you had a grace period, but it’s all used up. Time to activate!

step by step:

  1. you install windowx xp
  2. THEN you have 30 days to work with it WITHOUT activation
  3. if NOT activated within this period, it won’t let you use your installation of XP any more, UNTIL you activate it - you should have enough time to set up your system in the past 30 days…
  4. if activated, everything will work fine, BUT if you make a MAJOR change of hardware, it might happen that you have to…
    (optional) 5) RE-Activate WinXP on this machine - in this case, it only gives you 3 (three) (!) more days to do that until it will stop working…

that’s it… :slight_smile:

Use “XP AntiSpy” so you can tell MicroShit where to go!!! :eek: :bigsmile:

When you do Activate, does it use:

  1. The hardware that was present when you installed
  2. The hardware present when you activate

I did have a list of the components that count towards activation, but can’t find it now - I know an Etherenet interface adds some extra leeway in possible changes if it’s the same, but costs you a change if it’s not.

My understanding from what I remamber, is that added items are ok, but changed/removed items count against.

the hardware present when you activate - you can easily see that by choosing to activate via telephone, the activation-key is being created out of your CURRENT hardware…

My understanding from what I remamber, is that added items are ok, but changed/removed items count against.

hm, i just can say from my own experience that this is not 100% correct - but i don’t know which system is being used to determine if you have to re-activate your system under special circumstances…
sometimes you can change hardware without trouble, sometimes not…

i recently did remove a dvd-burner from 2 identical pc’s at my work. the pc’s have same hardware and same software-installation, i know this because i built them…
after rebooting the systems, one of them had to be re-activated, the other one did not have to… :confused: