Activate Cyberlink



I installed cyberlink suite power DVD is asking for Code to activate no where in my package. thx clint


Hi and Welcome!

if your copy of the cyberlink software came bundled with your drive (LG, I suppose), then you have to install the software using the setup.exe which is located in the main directory of the disc. Installing from the Cyberlink folder will lead to the behaviour you just experienced.

If I remember correctly, the process of installing software should be described in the documentation that comes with the drive.

P.S.: Post moved to Newbie Forum - this is not a hardware related issue.


:confused:I have installed the software. The problem when I update rhe software it is not activated. to activate you need a key which was not included with the software. Cyberlink wants 29.00 to up grade and give me a key I will pull the drive out and send back to tiger direct.


I believe the version you get for free with the drive does not inlude a license for updates…but I could be wrong…


The version of PowerDVD that comes with blu ray drives can be updated…out of necessity. BD+ protection changes periodically, so the software has to be updated to deal with this. Don’t know if clintoden has a blu ray version or not.


:aCyberlink Multi Blue Install Disc For windows Ver 1.1 rlease take the time to read this time. clint


Where exactly were we supposed to read that? Not everyone uses the same version of the forum software you know. I use V2.0 which does not show linked products. Even so, I don’t see a previous mention of that Cyberlink Multi Blue Install Disc. So cool your jets.

I suggest you contact LG or Cyberlink directly if you are having problems installing the software.


It would be nice if the original poster gave us more info as to what drive etc. Here is a link to update powerdvd .
This is for a blue ray drive and you dont have to pay for it. I am not sure if this will help but cant hurt.