Actiontec DSL Modem Router (GT784WN) lights constantly blink

Hi folks!

Verizon sent a new modem to help correct an intermittent connectivity problem, but as opposed to the old Westell modem,the internet light and the ethernet lights on this Actiontec are constantly blinking, showing traffic, and passing packets up and down, as indicated by my Local Area Connection Status utility. With the old modem there was very little activity when connected but not surfing. Is there any way to rectify this packet/bytes passing, as it seems excessive?

First check the devices documentation/manual.

Cap, I have no personal experience with this, but here’s one of the support pagesI found.

This page does offer at least two firmware updates, and perhaps other users here might offer non-ActionTec firmware update pages, if there are any.

On the above page, the Firmware 1.08 claims to “restore your device to factory defaults, erasing all user names, passwords, wireless settings and advanced custom configurations…”

That’s good, in one way - if you do explore other Firmware Updates, you may need to ‘go back’ to some standard and this 1.08 seems to offer that ‘easy out’ for you.

Googling on this device produced a number of links. AWESOME TOAST has an interesting diatribe against a few carriers.

I mention all of this because there doesn’t seem to be an indication of “what’s too much lighted activity or not”, but perhaps some of these entries will be meaningful to you.

My first option might be to go back to my carrier and see if they have any suggestions - carriers will have experience on far more boxes than THEY care to have, and hopefully will share that wisdom with you. But often, I find it’s up to the individual technician who gets my phone-call.

Thanks ChristineBCW - I’ll give these suggestions all a try and get back to you.

So - getting back to this issue I found this out - the modem has a program called Busy Box installed and here is some info about that:

I am leery of using the Actiontec firmware download(s) to possibly solve this problem…