.ACT to .MP3 or .WAV

I have just got a voice recording MP3 player and would like to record many hours of voice. I see that at lowest quality but allowing a long recording i can use the .ACT file at 8kbit/s. I have listened to play back of this on the MP3 player but i would like to convert this .ACT file to a .MP3 file or .WAV so I can listen to it on my PC. I tried the sound converter 2.0 tool unsuccessfully. Can anyone help please.
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A quick google search and I come up with this:

.act to .mp3 conversion

Success-hk.com has a link to a ACT to WAV converter program on their JP’S Multi-MP3 Player JPM-602-128M page. Konvertor is also advertised to convert this format.”

Googling for the JP’s Multi-MP3 player leads nowhere, but maybe Konverter can do it.

Hope this helps.

I have tried these programs without success:
Sound covert tool 2 ;I just get the error "cant find file, please copy to %2"
ACT2WAV ;same as above.
I even tried some drivers for branded MP3 players. It does seem there a lot of people with the same problem as me (in forums) from 2003 till now and yet there is still no solution, why do they produce such incompatable file types.

Unfortunately the link to .ACT conversion on the JP’S Multi-MP3 Player JPM-602-128M page is 404. As are the links of similar players on other Asian producer sites.
Thankyou any way schaaksmurf

Now there are many software to support the conversion on market,such as Cucusoft, PQ, Xilisoft, ImTOO and Videora.But i think ImTOO is better,you can search it first.

you can find many converters from this

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Woken a thread from ages ago, but reminded me…


AMV Codec tools (modified FFMPEG) - one of the downloads of that includes ACT decoding, though what I wanted it for (making AMV) doesn’t work right, the file is not recognised by the software player, and has a format error at the end or partway in the hardware player. The ACT bit might be ok though