Act Quick D/L special at newegg

For those of you who missed out on the 20 pack D/L Verbatim DVD+R deal at newegg last time around here is your chance. Newegg has them back in stock with free shipping for $30.99 up front and an additional $10MIR. It is $1 more than it was last time around but still a great deal.

Nice! Just ordered a spindle. Great deal.

free s/h is gone

Yup, that is why I said act quickly.

I think I will have to my job so I don’t miss these deals

Thanks… I bought 2 even though I was too late for free shipping.

still shouldn’t be a bad deal if you get the rebate.

The price is always there, just the free shipping. This is how newegg is, the free shipping is very transient, you snooze you loose.

Although until recently it usually ran about $35+shipping (no rebates). So that does take a chunk off the pricetag. EDIT Now all I need is to have the Benq 1650 go on sale at newegg and I will be in good shape. Gonna cash in on the money earned from my epinions reviews and get the drive for next to nothing. :wink:

I rather to buy DVD disc from local retailers iincase some thing goes wrong I could always walk into the store and returned them.

Well, not all of us have retailers readily available in our areas. That and I’ve always had great luck with returning things to Newegg and if you keep an eye on the specials you can usually beat retail with newegg. By the time you add up the likelihood of things going wrong with the overall savings, you still end up saving money. :wink:

Has anyone actually returned open and burned media to a local retailer?

Yes, as long as you’ve only used a few most stores will take them back for a full refund (compusa is one of the few that will not take open media back)

I returned two 100 packs of defective TDKs to costco (got them with a BOGO coupon), I had opened both and used about ten disks from each spindle and they didn’t even question me (I’m guessing a sh*t load of people had already returned them, so they must have known there was an issue with them :smiley: )

I returned store brand 100 pack media at compusa. Twice. It may have helped that I had most of the bad and hand labeled burned disks with me. The second time maybe they took them back because of what they thought I might do. At first they said they didn’t and I said I knew they did because I did it before. Then I notified them that they would be getting them back. Just that if it was without the refund they would be in a much messier way that I had brought them back. People will do the right thing specially when you show them how its in their best interest.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. $36 shipped for this 20 pack now and it seems to be the new stable price for these. Looks like we are finally crossing under the $2 a disc mark for these on a regular basis now. Life is good. :smiley: