Act of War and SecuRom 7



Ok…i recently bought Act Of War.

now, as i expect many of you do, when i get a game, instead of using the original disk i’ll back it up…

with V1.0 it was relativly easy, but in the patches, they’ve upgraded the protection to SecuRom 7…

Now i can’t get the Burnt Backup to work properly, and im actually using Windows X64 now, so Daemon Tools and Alcohol120% are out of it (ie, emulating an image), so i’ve been using FileDisk64, but that won’t mount certain files, and i don’t think it has the same kind of emulation as D-Tools and Alcohol120 has…

i’ve seen many posts (here, and other places) people saying that “SecuRom 7 has been cracked”, but i can’t find any cracks for SecuRom 7 games…

is it possible? i read somewhere that it continually checks for the CD/DVD while you play the game…

i even gave cracking it myself a go…didn’t get very far :stuck_out_tongue:

does anyone know any info that can help me???


You could try using GameJackal. I am not sure if it runs in XP64 though.
Act of War works fine in it though.


wat works fine in wat???

wat is GameJackal??? another virtual drive program???

***EDIT, ah, ok…downloading now…let ya know how it goes!

also tried Gamedrive, after that, i had to re-install Windows X64 :stuck_out_tongue:
hope i have better luck with this :smiley:


Is it a cd or dvd game? Cd versions of securom 7 games are no more difficult to back up than any other securom 4.8+ game. Problems generally only occur where people want to play from a mounted image (generally warez though not in your case) rather than from a physical backup copy.


its the DVD version of the game…

this is driving me crazy, i just can’t get anything to work when i install the patch

i was up until 1am trying to work something out…messing around with blindwrite, alchol, .bwa’s, .mdf’s
the big problem is, i can’t go burning many copies of the game, as its a DVD9


> its a DVD9

I suspect that that’s your problem. I may be wrong but I don’t believe it’s possible to make a working back-up of a securom protected dvd9 with the current state of the art.


yeah…its not easy…

the biggest prob is getting the bwa data when you burn the copy…i have found a way of doing it with blindwrite, but after i burn it its not the same “graph” thing, as the original…its wierd…


To be honest, id be too scared attemping to make a copy of a DVD 9 game onto another blank DL-DVD.



there are .bat files that will make my DVD9 into a DVD5, by getting rid of some of the video files…

it brought the file size down, and i;ve burnt a few times (onto a DVD+RW) and nothing worked…


I trying to back it up using the new A120. But It wont get DPM from it.



As far as I know, this is a known issue and the dev team are looking into it.


Ah nice, I suspect its blocking it some how like the new versions of StarForce do.



Actually I think it’s has something to do with switching layers. I think the DPM extraction process is interrupted?
I have no inside knowledge and this info is just what I have pieced together. It may very well be flawed or incorrect.


Ah yeah just had good look round the A120% forum and looks like everyone is having getting DPM from DL disks. I will keep trying anyway. The most I have got from the disk is about 10/11%.



im sorry…whats DPM???

im VERY new to this stuff…


Data Position Measurement


ah, ok…is that what is in the .bwa files that alcohol 120% create??? or is that somethign different again???


Well alcohol creates an .mds file with the info.
.bwa files also contain the info though, yes.


ah, ok…yeah, thats my problem…i think i must need to burn it onto a dual layer disk…

after i burn it, i compare the disk to the bwa file that i have, and they’re different…


I’m not sure what you mean.
The BWA file should only be about 24kb, not a full disc image.
How did you created the BWA?