Act of War and Patch 2 (may 2005)



Hi everybody,

FIRST I buy ALL my games.
But I hate to use my original CDs/DVDs. So I try all time to make a backup.

I buy Act of War (DVD) and never able to copy it.
I try last Alcohol 120% 1.9.5_2802, GamesCopy, and other and nothing work.

I don’t want use virtual drive. It take too much space and I don’t like that.

Version 1.0------> SecuRom
Version 1.03-----> SecuRom (patch 1b ?)
Version 1.04.8—> SecuRom (patch 2)

So I would like to find a program able to copy my DVD of AoW and who work with all SecuRom. Without need to use virtual drive.

Some of you is able to do that ?

Thanks and have a nice day!


AFAIK, at present, no program is capable of making a working back-up copy of a dual layer dvd with securom protection. The problem is being looked at by alcohol’s development team and I presume also by blindwrite’s developers.



I don’t think my DVD of Act of War is double layer.
Cause when I use properties on it the result is:
4,515,260,416 bytes (4.20 GB)

But I think for now DVD copy program are no good like CD copy program.
I hope soon we can copy our original DVD (simple or double layer) with some software (without need use virtual drive of course).

So we can see in “CD Backup Guides and Tutorials” topic subject like
"Copying Securom 4.8x/5.x/7.x DVDs with Alcohol and A-Ray Scanner
philamber, CD Backup Guides and Tutorials "

Thanks for the feedback and have nice day!


I think the international version of the game larger in size because of the extra language files. Mine too is only 4.2GB. I think for now your best bet if you don’t want to use your originals is to use virtualCD


My copy (UK) is DL. Total size: 5.16gb = 5,546,559,488 bytes.



Ok, so creating a backup 1:1 copy is not possible, but is creating a working image to mount with D-T, A120, or similar possible?

I have a couple of 400gb drives on a RAID0 array that i like to store all my games on so I can play them on any comp on my LAN and dont loose/scratch etc. the disks, and this game is the first game I’ve ever not been able to copy!!!

I have the UK 5.2gb DL version of the game


If this disc is Dual Layer then it is not possible to make a working image at this time.


Best idea @ the mo is to use GameJackal. Im using that to play AoW and it works fine. (Yes I have the DL copy)