ACS:Law still on the hook for mess they've made, Judge rules

ACS:Law still on the hook for mess they’ve made, Judge rules.

[newsimage][/newsimage]ACS:Law’s owner Andrew Crossley along with his partner-in-crime, MediaCAT owner Lee Bowden, may have attempted to leave behind their messy handling of their predatory copyright infringement threat letter business when they closed up shop just over a week ago, but UK Judge Birss QC has ruled that the two aren’t going to be let off the hook that easily.

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As I stated on a previous post, I hope that there is an inquiry by the police into possible fraud charges.
One can only hope but don’t hold your breath.

funnel payments from letter recipients.

Here something that stinks to high heaven… :iagree: as FRAUD…since the artists got nothing in the process…

I think “extortion” is a far better word to be using in this context.

In the paraphrased words of South Park Oh damn, that artist won’t be able to buy a THIRD Gulfstream III in blue to match the one’s he already has in Yellow & Red"

file sharing is used as an EXCUSE by record companies, who have a LONG well established history of screwing artists, for not dispersing funds.