ACS: Law employee quits due to pursuit of clearly not guilty targets

ACS: Law employee quits due to pursuit of clearly not guilty targets.

[newsimage][/newsimage]William Blackstone, British judge and legal scholar, wrote "better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer." One ACS: Law worker, noticing their employer's penchant for unjustly scrutinizing innocent people with threatening copyright infringement letters that demand payment in lieu of legal action, has now resigned - adding another layer to this already complex story.

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Fascism! Who cares if you’re guilty or not, pay us or else. And people wonder why people snap everyday, it’s this type of mentality that is driving people to their breaking point. Since when did it become all about the win, instead of doing what is right? It reminds me why I work for my family and not some uncaring corporation.

They are just like the Mafia mobsters [B]“pay us or else we gonna breaka youse legs.”[/B]

I do believe there is a law against that kind of stuff called the RICO law to help in
the fight against organized crime and I see all of those kinds of law firms as nothing
but a bunch of organized criminals themselves when they are trying to distort money
from innocent people. :a