ACS:Law data leak led to embarrassing piracy accusations

ACS:Law data leak led to embarrassing piracy accusations.

[newsimage][/newsimage]When ACS:Law’s email archive was leaked to BitTorrent servers after the predatory anti-piracy law firm was targeted by an Operation Payback DDoS attack, the firm’s questionable tactics were exposed for all the world to see. Unfortunately, however, the attack has resulted in problems for not only the firm’s employees, but also for some undoubtedly innocent people.

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It’s a bad situation anytime someone is wrongfully accused of a crime, but the added element of pornography makes the situation a particularly embarrassing and damaging one for those involved. The firm is already facing a disciplinary review by the Solicitor’s Regulatory Agency sometime this year, and this new issue with likely not bode well in ACS:LAW’s favor.

So what is new they always do that accuse others of something they didn’t do but when it becomes them that did it they try to falsey information. So what is new with those tactics other then now we know how they really work…:cop: Looks like their own actions are now coming to roost :cop:

Also I have seen the past month or so that if you post a blog or make a post on the forum or use my space even facebook or email and you hit post or send it is no longer private domain it can become public by our current laws. This has been an on going issue with people in general getting fired from liking a facebook comment for example. Our federal U.S. privacy laws are so outdated maybe with this action the congress will get with the FCC and make a new standard of laws to protect such. Well I think they will now that privacy has effected big business.