Hello I am new to the boards and the site. I’ve been passively reading the posts within the site for the past couple of days trying to come up with a solution to play my games from virtual drives (so I dont have to swap out the CD’s) I just recenty bought 2 new sata drives and have alot of hdd space. After trying the 1st game it didnt work and until the other day I had no idea things like safedisk and securerom existed.
Could anyone please explain what the following expressions are:

1:1 copy
and emulation?

Edit: oh yea also ATIP

BTW I Have a new sony cdrom Im not sure what model it is but it is brand new, as well as a liteon DVD rom. I dont have a burner right now but was using NERO with its image drive as the recorder to make the images and then mount them with nero’s virtual cd drive.


1:1 copy = a backup produced from the original that is identical (acts in the same way)

EFM = eight to fourteen modulation (search google for a more in depth answer), used with weak sector protection, ie safedisc. if your writer can read these regular bit patterns correctly, you will be able to copy most safedisc. You’ll hear about 1 and 2 sheep burners and this is what it refers to.

AWS = amplify weak sectors, it’s what clonecd uses to help 1 and 0 sheep burners bypass weak sector, ie safedisc protected games. kinda boosts them up to a 2 sheep burner.

emulation = software based helper that allows images or cds to bypass their protection. You will need to have it running in the background to allow a disc to play. Not a good option, but sometimes the only option

hope this helps

Thanks alot! 1 more question It seems like alot of people use their burners to read the CD’s is there any reason why a normal CD-Rom drive couldnt read them? (to make an image) I mean do all burners have better reading capabilities than cdrom drives?


nope, you can use whatever u want. I have persionally found my liteon dvd-rom drive reads the best. play around with them to see which ones work best for you.